Attendance Sheet

Hello friends,

Please help me for following issue.

I have created an attendance sheet in excel having 12 sheets (for all months like Jan, Feb, etc). in each sheets, all activities like number of present day, absent day, etc are counted. Now I want to add one more sheet that should have result of all sheets (say, total present day, absent day, etc of an executive month wise and it should be added at the end i.e. total present day, absent day etc of an executive in a year)

Please suggest how to do it.

Sample.xlsx21.14 KB

Here you have the code you need.

Your problem is pretty easy to solve. Just see this code:
Just create a new sheet called total and use this code for each cell you want to have on your total sheet... I did just for cell AJ9 but you do the same for the other cells changing just the name of the cell.

Sub SumAllMonths()

Worksheets("Total").Range("AJ9").Value=Worksheets("Jan'13").Range("AJ9").Value+Worksheets("Fev'13").Range("AJ9").Value+Worksheets("Mar'13").Range("AJ9").Value+Worksheets("Apr'13").Range("AJ9").Value+Worksheets("May'13").Range("AJ9").Value + Worksheets("Jun'13").Range("AJ9").Value+worksheets("Jul'13").Range("AJ9").Value+worksheets("aug'13").Range("AJ9").Value+Worksheets("Set'13").Range("AJ9").Value+Worksheets("Out'13").Range("AJ9").Value+worksheets("Nov'13").Range("AJ9").Value+worksheets("Dez'13").Range("AJ9").Value

End Sub

I hope it helps you.