12. VBA Tips - Get Rid Of Annoying Message Boxes When Closing Excel

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Are you annoyed by that message box that pops up asking if you want to save changes when you close your sheet ?

  • This VBA tip will show you how to trick Excel into not displaying it.
  • It's aimed at people who are good at saving their sheets:
    • i.e. they save regularly and when they've done significant changes
  • Also aimed at developers who use VBA to control sheets where changes are made, and they don't want message boxes popping up

Here's a screen shot of the message box:



  • In the ThisWorkbook module, insert the following code:




  • Workbook_BeforeClose is a macro that runs just before the workbook closes
  • ThisWorkbook.Saved = True  is a line of code that makes Excel think that the workbook has been saved and therefore suppresses the message box above.

Download sheet to practise how to Get Rid Of Annoying Message Boxes When Closing Excel in VBA

get-rid-of-annoying-message-boxes-when-closing-excel.xls30 KB