10-Mar-2009 NEW RELEASES - Training Videos for Buy or Rent Calculator

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ExcelExperts.com has teamed up with YouTube to provide Training videos.
A lot of people loved the Buy or Rent calculator, but they thought it was too complicated.
Well, hopefully these training videos will make it all clear.

There are 2:
1. An introduction to using the calculator
2. A worked example building up the calculation step by step.

There's a great surprise at the end with information on some really exciting functionality that you won't find anywhere else.

The Buy or Rent Calculator has also been enhanced with the following changes:

    - Years start at 1 (instead of zero)
    - New functionality to allow you to enter that you plan to add value to the properties you buy.
    - New Ratios page that act as a sanity check to make sure you're not entering in crazy assumptions.
    - There are now 2 calculators... 1 with example values, and the other with Zero values. I recommend you work on the one with zero values and build it up.
    - A new section advising you of the impact of your assumptions.

Intoductory Training Video:

Worked Example: