Trace Dependent files

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This is a very general email, and I don't think this is possible but I thought I'd ask!

I've inherited an over-complex Excel-based reporting structure with insane amounts of VLOOKUPS running throughout many, many files.

What I am trying to do is create a map of how all these files interlink i.e. File A may be "VLOOKUPed" by Files C, D, and M. However, I do not know this for definite. I can use the "Trace Dependents" on individual cells, but this is not possible as I'd need to check every cell! My ultimate aim is to cut out the inter-file VLOOKUPS.

So my question is: Is there a way that I can open File A, and automatically look at ALL files that look at or feed from File A?

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not easily..
the only way I can think of is to write some code to parse out all the formulae, and produce results in a pivot table..
.. it's more than a quick forum answer
Happy to provide a quote for you.

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trace dependent files

I have a utility that might help you: