22-May-2009 NEW UTILITY: Analyse A Workbook

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This utility is aimed at working out how complex a spreadsheet is

  • Simply enter the full file path of the file, press the button, and you will be provided with an analysis of your file.

You'll get:

  1. The current file size, and what the file size would be without any formulae, charts or formatting
  2. Analysis of the amount of sheets, names, formulae etc...
  3. File attributes


The content of the cells categorised in a data table:


A pivot table that you can play with to provide whatever analysis you're after:




  1. To replicate the analysis, download and save both files
  2. Put FileName.xls directly on your C drive
  3. Press the button
  4. To run your own file, enter the file path next to "Workbook to analyse", and run the analysis.

Download sheet to practise how to Analyse A Workbook in Excel

Training Video on how to Analyse A Workbook in Excel:

FileName.xls40.5 KB
analyse-workbook.xls1.97 MB


Hey Nick,

Love the concept of the tool, but it doesn't work properly with my excel sheet. Is there an update available? Thanks!


There are some bugs in this..
1. If worksheet are protected, unprotect them before running
2. Unhide all sheets
3. Close the workbook before running

Possible Enhancements:
1. Change to formulaR1C1
2. Sort by complexity
3. Add analysis for VBA
4. Add Formula Pivot
5. Format numbers with comma separator

Analyze this!

This is a great tool. I just ran it on mine and got a good idea on the number of Pivot tables and charts, along with formulae, names etc. The pivot tab which splits by worksheet comes in handy as well. THANKS! Laks