97. Excel Tips - Camera Tool

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Excel Tips - Camera Tool (Excel 2007)

  • This is an excellent time saving tip to get screen shots from Excel into outlook
  • Use Camera Tool

I have the Camera Tool added to my custom toolbar. See this tip for more info on how to customise your toolbar.

Once you have the camera tool on your toolbar:

  1. Select a range of cells
  2. Click on the camera tool
  3. Click away from the range
  4. Right click on the picture
  5. Cut
  6. Select your email
  7. Paste

Here's what it looks like:



Download sheet to practise how to use the Camera Tool in Excel

Training Video on how to use the Camera Tool in Excel:

camera-tool.xls545.5 KB

Camera Tool

Hi Nick,

Sorry if I'm being slow here but what's the camera 'tool'? I followed your link about to customise the tool bar but this shows the file location.
I downloaded the above xls which shows me a picture of the ExcelExperts.com data but how would I be able to use this for anything else?

Best regards,


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Camera tool

hi Gareth

If you're confused, then I need to clarify

  • When customising, choose "All commands" and pick "Camera"

What use is the spreadsheet ?

  • You can use it to practise how to use the camera tool
  • Try typing something in the range, and notice how that appears in the camera screenshot
  • Right click => cut, and paste into Email...

that kind of thing.

Hope that helps.



Camera tool

Hi Gareth and Nick,

from my perspective, the camera tool is very handy when it comes to developing and creating dashboards.

In some cases, e. g. when you are limited by print layout, you can create your chart in a "hidden" sheet of your spreadsheet file, take a "photo" with the camera tool and place it on your dashboard sheet, where you can apply all image adjustments (like resizing etc.) to this photo that you would like to do.

Hope that helps ;-)



really help full tips thanks