XLA routines: EE_CopyAndAddToTheEnd

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EE_CopyAndAddToTheEnd takes the range to copy, the destination sheet, the header that the range will be copied in, and the row - useful for reconciling data
Sub EE_CopyAndAddToTheEnd(RangeToCopy As range, DestinationSheet As Worksheet, DestinationSheetPasteRow As Long, DestinationSheetPasteColHeader As String)
    'Basically the same as EE_copy, but Takes a destination sheet
    'and appends data to the end
'http://excelexperts.com/xla-routines-eeCopyAndAddToTheEnd    for updates on this routine
    Call EE_Copy(RangeToCopy, DestinationSheet.Cells(DestinationSheetPasteRow, EE_TableHeadingCol(DestinationSheetPasteColHeader, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)), True, False)
End Sub