Word to Excel Conversion


I'm having many tables in a word doc. Each table consists of two columns and seven rows. First column consists of product names and the second column consists of news about the products.For each products several news are there which will be putted in a bullet list in the second column and also in the same cell.I have attached a word doc for reference.

For Eg:
first column second column

Nokia - news 1
- news 2
- news 3

Samsung - news 1
- news 2
- news 3

Like that seven products are there i mean like nokia,samsung...each will be having many news related to it,each news was seperated using bullets.

I want to convert these data into excel sheet,where after conversion it should look like the below

column 1 column 2
1 nokia -news 1
2 nokia -news 2
3 nokia -news 3
4 samsung -news 1
5 samsung -news 2
6 samsung -news 3

Since I am a beginner I'm no able to find a solution for this.
Kindly help me by writting VBA Code for this .Looking forward your reply

Thanks & Regards,
Anush R

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