Using Named Ranges in If functions

Hi all,

I tried to put in a function with named ranges but the formula did not work.. It came out as #Value!

This is the actual formula but I want to reduce it because its very long

= IF(OR(A2>=8,A3>=8,A4>=8,A5>=9,A6>=9,A7>=10)"Not Completed","Completed")

If I named range from A2 to A4 =UNI8 and
A5 to A6 = UNI9

Can I put the formula as

=IF(OR(UNI8>=8,UNI9>=9,A7>=10)"Not Completed","Completed")

Looking forward to some feedback please!

Any other tips to reduce the length of the formula?

Hi Vinesh,

Thank you for your tip! Is there any way to reduce the length of the formula? The conditions listed below are only just 1/3 of what I suppose to have.

= IF(OR(A2>=8,A3>=8,A4>=8,A5>=9,A6>=9,A7>=10)"Not Completed","Completed")

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If you are using Excel

If you are using Excel 2007/2010 then you cannot have a named range like UNI1 or UNI9 as they are cell references in excel. And, you are trying to compare a range of cells with a single value.