User-Feedback Form

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1... There is a requirement to make a "User-feedback Application" for the performance and teaching skill evaluation of the class room teachers. The feedback form will be e-mailed to each student and he/she is required to input the picture, and fields like, name, ID, remarks and the opinions, and, choose some options.

2... The feedback from all students would be received via e-mail, and is requried to be tabulated including picture and all the selected options/ remarks.

3... It is requried that an automated GUI application should be made that inputs the e-mail information to the 'background worksheets' and updates it in the GUI for the administrator. The Administrator would ONLY use the GUI for data-sorting, making graphs etc. The Administration may also like to reply in mail e-mail to all/ selected students through the GUI application. The mail goal of the application, however, is to retrive all the information from the received e-mail forms, and assisit the administrator to view the results in sorted-out version/ graphs.

4... I require your kind guidance for

(a) What is appropraite for such a case, an Excel-VBA GUI application or MS Access??
(b) Any specific link/threads for help in this regard?

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Please use a web application due to emails and quiz

Please use a web application due to emails and quiz, since they will be online it will be easy do it in this way. can do it from Outlook but is not recommended. due to affinity.

User Feedback Form

Dear ijcasas!!
Thankx for the comment,
in-fact the users will be OFFLINE and the form is required to be sent and retrieved via e-mails. The main reason of posting this thread was the query that each participant will be uploding his/her picture (alongwith other data/remarks) which is requried to be tabulated in the database... So, what seems more appropriate, Excel or the Access??
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Please Download Project

Please Download Project Adjust to your needs