Truncating text files to extract only email addresses

Hello does anyone know a formula to extract just the email addresses from files with records as follows:;;Athens;Attiki;Greece;20/07/2015;Nao;Sim;;;;1430833559;;Salvador;Bahia;Brazil;20/07/2015;Nao;Sim;;;;3143249011

I have a total of 25,000 records for this extraction so a truncation solution would be appreciated!

The text required for each of the records above is:


I can help you on this.

email -

Here youa re this works

If you copy all your records in to column A of a worksheet, then run this macro

Sub emailstrip()
'find last entry in column A
s = Range("A26000").End(xlUp).Row

For x = 1 To s
' pick up a record in rec
rec = Cells(x, 1)
L = Len(rec)

For y = 1 To L
test = Mid(rec, y, 1)

If test = ";" Then

addr = Left(rec, y - 1)

'put addr in col k

Cells(x, 11) = addr
GoTo Nextx
End If
Next y

Nextx: Next x