Summarizing Weekly Hours into Months, then Summarizing those monthly Totals by Row Name

This is a fun one.

I'm working on a template to track a forecast spend by project category by week. Also, providing a summary of cost and hours by month. Trying to get it all in one function. My brain wants to do a SUMPRODUCT inside a SUMIF, thus adding the row criteria to key off of "*Cost*" for the monthly summaries.

I was able to summarize weeks and match to months no problem.

My issue came when I expanded to multiple rows, as not every row should be used in the array because the odd rows are cost, and even rows are hours. For Monthly Cost, I only want to summarize the line items with a monthly aggregate.

The function you see in the image is =SUMPRODUCT((MONTH($E$16:$W$16)=E4)*($E$18:$W$23))

Attached you can see the setup via image. Here's the excel doc

Would love some help here.



Hi Brian

You know you can use the sumproduct function to sum up data from a 2D table. Here is the formula for cell E6

=SUMPRODUCT((MONTH($E$16:$W$16)=E4)*($B$18:$B$23= "Labor ($Cost)") * $E$18:$W$23)

Hope this helps