Save data from Userform

Hello ExcelExperts,

Currently I'm making a spreadsheet that has an Userform in it and I need some help with this. I hope some-one can help me with it and please note that my English isn't my main language so I'm doing my best to give you a good idea of what I mean etc. using the English that I know.

What I already got:
I have an Userform that I can fill in and it places the data in my excelsheet named Sheet1.
The userform looks like this:
Projectnumber Projectdetails Hours

What I want as the outcome which I need help with:
I want excel to place the projectdetails and hours in the worksheet that is named by the projectnumber.

Sheetnames are Sheet 1, 9000, 9001

Projectnumber - Projectdetails - Hours
9000 - Test 1 - 2
9001 - Test 2 - 4

I want excel to place the input I've giving in my userform (Test 1 and 2 hours) for project 9000 in the sheet called 9000 & Test 2 with 4 hours in the sheet called 9001.

Other notes:
I want the program to search for the projectnumber as I can't program all the numbers by hand as there are too many projectnumbers I have to work with.

Is there some1 who can help me with this problem or point me in the right direction where to look for as it is hard for me to search a tutorial about this as I'm not good ad reading the codes haha.

Thanks in advance!