Reverse the String

Can you please let us know how to reverse the particular string in Excel?
For Eg: 'APPLE' should to reversed like 'ELPPA'

Works for all lengths up to 255

In the MREXCEL forum I received the following formula.


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that's only for reversing the

a really impressive formula

unfortunately... won't work for text, only numbers..

Reverse the string - vba solution


In terms of formula, i don't see other solution than the one proposed by Nick.

With the VBA language, it's possible thanks to the StrReverse function.
sub demo
MsgBox StrReverse("apple")
end sub

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if the strings are all less

if the strings are all less than 5 chars you can use this:

if more than 5, just add "&LEFT(RIGHT(A1,6),1)" etc...