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I have mentioned requirement in the attached sheet itself. please help as early as possible.

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paste formula results automatically into another column

I have a formula applicable to column G that displays the answer in G1. The next time I enter figures into the formula, result prints in G2, then the next result prints in G3 etc.etc..

When a result appears in G1, I want that result to be automatically copied into F2, then the result of G2 to be copied into F3, then the result of G3 to be copied into F4 etc. The result copied into the F column would be the new total (from column G), to which I would then perform another calculation, the result in column G would then paste into the next F cell down, and so on.

Can I apply a simple formula to column F that would fetch the result from G1 and put it in F2, result from G2 into F3 etc.?

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I would like to help, just I

I would like to help, just I do not think you need it anymore I guess