Reference to a formula, and how to automatize a singular formula

Hello everybody, I got a doubt which i couldn't resolve on my online research.

I have two following problems, and you might be able to help me.

1 - I am working with an eolic field of 110 generators, and I need to make a summarize. But I need to find an automatic way to do something like that:

In the cell A1 i put

So I want A1 to be B15
But then, i want it to follow like this

If i write some of them and try to drag the formula it makes a jump and destroys the chain, any suggestion?

2 - The second one, i'd like to know if there any way of making the following.
I have several different pages inside the same excel, on the first one i have got a huge column that you have to fill with specific formulas (but they may vary), though they depend on few number which I attatch to the formula with $.

But then I need to repeat this operation many times, but with different numbers on each page. So I would like to know, if there is any way to make the following

PAGE 1 A1= $B$2/$B$4

PAGE 2 A1= FORMULA OF A1, but reffering to the B2 and B4 of page2, so if I change on page 1 A1=B2*B4 it automatically do the same on page 2.

Thank you a lot, and i hope i made myself clear.

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Hi izverg, For 1, try using

Hi izverg,

For 1, try using below formula:-


For 2, simply link a1 of page 2 to a1 of page 1 and follow this chain.