Protect / Unprotect Worksheet


Here is the three separate macros.
One that provides the status in A1,
One to lock but leave ranges unlocked and
An unlock

The password is set as PASSWORD by default, although to utilise the unlock password you will need to use an input box

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If ActiveSheet.ProtectContents = True Then
ActiveSheet.Unprotect "PASSWORD"
Range("A1").Value = "PROTECTED"
ActiveSheet.Protect "PASSWORD"
Range("A1").Value = "NOT PROTECTED"
End If
End Sub

Sub LockSheetCells()
Sheets("Time").Unprotect "PASSWORD"
Sheets("Time").Cells.Locked = True
Sheets("Time").Range("C10:C20, C36:M42, C10:C20, C36").Locked = False
Sheets("Time").Protect "PASSWORD"

Sheets("REPORT").Unprotect "PASSWORD"
Sheets("REPORT").Cells.Locked = True
Sheets("REPORT").Range("C8").Locked = False
Sheets("REPORT").Protect "PASSWORD"
End Sub

Sub UnlockSheets()
Sheets("Time").Unprotect "PASSWORD"
Sheets("REPORT").Unprotect "PASSWORD"
End Sub

Thanks & Regards,
Anurag Kohli