Pivot Table / Graph help

I have excel 2007 and I am needing to make a line graph showing year on year variations in attendance for different sporting classes. Example below

Name of Class 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Ballet 40 75 80 15 3
Kung Fu 188 12 89 33 78

I would really like all the names to be in the left hand column and be spaced apart enough to show if a program is doing better/worse/or staying the same year on year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A line chart and conditional

A line chart and conditional should do the trick..

Highlight the data table
Select "Insert" -> "Line Chart"

Conditional Formatting (assuming the table is in cells A4:F6
Cell B5
=B5>A5 Format Green

Hi Andy, Thanks so much for

Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for answering me so quickly! Can you give me more of a step by step process? I created a line chart but the conditional formatting field goes away when once I create the chart. The fields I am working with are A through F with A being the name of the class and B through F being the years. I have 26 classes in total.

Jackie send me your file to


send me your file to AndrewLitchfield@Gmail.com and I'll set it up and write up a few notes for you
It's easier that way :-)