What next ? You decide !

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Flight Simulator ??

Purely for the challenge

Pricing Derivatives

Hi all !

Pls ! Could you include in the survey statistic methods for pricing derivatives ?


Interpolation Exponential and log linear
And other tasks related to financial markets


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check this out:

Electricity - predict quarterly bill

I had someone ask for this. It is almost too simple to bother with- but I see you have a mortgage calculator and I guess it would be the same ballpark. Enter date and meter readings, calculates bill, compares with last year, calculates monthly payment. Charts etc.

Sports Betting Arbitrage Model

Built to pull data from several mid-range traffic sites and automatically alert..

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Sports Betting Arbitrage Model

tell me where to get the data from, and I'll look into this.

Alternatively, if you want to pay for this to be developed for you, Request a quote



3D excel rendering engine!

Excel has sin(), cos() and all the office drawing packages to make Amizing 3D drawings using macros.

It's only a matter of time before a genius puts 1 and 1 together, and soon there will be Cgi animations made in Microsoft Excel!

I belive it to be possible...

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Excel animation

It's done already

google: excel 3d rotating cube


algo trading

Hi thought you were going to produce an algorithmic trading model.  Can't find it on website.

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not everything is public..

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whats next idea

Hi could you develop a program that gets the right lottery numbers so we don't have to work so hard anymore. Thanks

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Next big idea

Poker training could be the big one...

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texas hold em poker

i not can my go it is program give me more mony in the poker ppelas how how how pelas