Need help writing a function

Okay, so I have a list of data all formatted as time (example: 00:00:00:00) and what I need to do is find instances in the column list where the last two digits equal 00 or 01 and the second two digits are not divisible by 10.

So, an instance like 07:40:15:00.

Then, I need just those found instances were the last two digits (the 00 or 01) are changed to 02.

Then, there's a final step in all of this:

Each cell has two sets of number, providing a time range and each range is supposed to be higher than the previous cell, so I need any instance where a cells ending time range is less than the next cells beginning time flagged for review.

Example of an instance that should be flagged:

00:10:00:25 00:10:01:02
00:10:01:00 00:10:01:12

Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Thank you so much for your help in advance!!

Need help writing a function


Code can be written in VBA for the things you ask, but it won't be easy.