Need help / Priority List

Hi I am working on a priority list and encountered some problems with it. I would really appreciate all the help, thanks.

What I am trying to do is to have excel automatically assign a specific number to the Urgency Column based on how many days the item is from the Due Date.

Priority SN Importance Effort Urgency Due
6 .. A 1 1 3/26/2015

So I want the Urgency column show the following number if the following is true
1 - if today is passed the due date
2 - if today is the due date
3 - if the due date is in 1 to 3 days
4 - if the due date is in 4-5 days
5 - if the due date is in more than 5 days.

I have been trying to create formulas but I am not able to set those day restrictions.

Need help / Priority List


Assuming that calculation will be based on difference between current date (Today) and due date, below formula may help;

=IF(ISBLANK(F2),"",IF(TODAY()>F2,1,IF(TODAY()=F2,2,IF(OR(TODAY()=F2-1,TODAY()=F2-2,TODAY()=F2-3),3,IF(OR(TODAY()=F2-4,TODAY()=F2-5),4,IF(OR(TODAY()< F2-5),5))))))

Hope this helps