need to calculate number of sales per hour

Hi I need help calculating the sales per hour for a large amount of staff, for example I have a salesman working for 6hrs 46mins (06:46) and he sells 22 units. I need a formula to calculate how many units he sold per hour. I have tried a basic division but it doesn't work. I think I need some if functions but I am just not that good at excel.
Any help would be much appreciated.

It is rather simple

Basic division will not work due to "Date" format, however you can bypass that. Basically, you just need to multiply your "Time" by 24 and then excel will understand it as a number. To be more clear, here is an example:

Column A                                   Column B                        Column C

(Hours worked)                         (Units Sold)                 (Sales per Hour)

    6:46                                          22                             =B1/(A1*24)


Column C result will be 6:01 (it auto-formats result as "Time")so just change "Format Cell" to a number and you will receive 3.25. Hope that helps.