MATCH INDEX, or something else???

I need to populate the worksheet below with miles for each route (Row 2) every day (Col. A) from 6 different worksheets.

I have 6 different worksheets formatted as below. I need to get the miles in Col. I to the correct cells in the worksheet above ("Recorded Daily Mileage") by matching Cols. A and N to Col. A and Row 2 on the above worksheet.

I believe this is possible using MATCH INDEX, but not sure... Can someone please point me in the right direction? I don't need explicit instructions, just need to spend time on something that I know can work...

Thanks for any advice!

Formulae needed

I need a formulae to copy e.g. the text from any row 3 cell to cell “C23” were the value in the line 4 cell matches the value in cell “C22”.

By this I mean I have a list of names and a score underneath (not what you think). I have inserted a formulae to display the highest score but need to display the name above it.

There are no attachments, can

There are no attachments, can you please upload so it is easier to understand your needs?


data validation-show description based on code in drop down lis

in data validation drop down list, it will show the code but output should store description in the cell...similar to vlookup and indirect function with name range option....pls. help how to get the result and mail to pattabi.siva at gmail dot com