Is it possible to securely sign off managerial agreement on a spreadsheet?

For auditing purposes it would be helpful for a shared workbook to be ‘signed off’ each month, the manager whom would sign their agreement as no experience of VBA so we have to write it for him but as a group we are just beginners... essentially I wanted to ask your advice on whether this is feasible?
Each month is recorded and balanced in a separate sheet.

So far I just keep coming up with issues but I’m struggling to find ways to solve them:
The signing off cannot be forgeable; however password protecting the action may require coding in the password which would then be visible to anyone who knew how to open the module
Hiding the code isn’t allowed either as the audit would require full transparency
Future editing mustn’t be possible after signing off so if the cells are set to locked this mustn’t be reversible
Track changes seemed a good idea but if the changes were accepted at some point all the ID comment boxes would disappear…

My current direction is trying to export the worksheet as a PDF inserting some kind of signature pre exporting, although this doesn’t prevent later editing at least it would be clear if changes were made after signing the month off. The persisting stumbling block however is how to ensure that only our manager did the signing as technically anyone could click the button and export the worksheet.

Any ideas or suggestions are most most welcome! I’ve tried googling but I think perhaps I don’t know the right phrases to search for so I haven’t found anything helpful at al!

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surely the best way to "sign

surely the best way to "sign off" a workbook is to take a copy and put it in a folder (or sharepoint) that only the signitories have write access to..