How to reduce excel file size?

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1. Tips & Tricks on How to reduce Excel file size?
2. Are you thinking why my Excel file size is so bigand how can I reduce it?
3. Don’t Worry…..Here you will find great Tips on Reducing Excel File size
4. Tip 1. Zip the Excel file
5. Tip 2: Save the Excel file in .xlsbformat
6. Tip 3. Remove unused cellsFollow below steps to remove unused cells1. Select any cell and press F5.2. Click Special-> Blank radio button.3. Go to Edit-> Clear All.
7. Tip 4. Remove formattingFollow below steps to remove formatting1. Open your Excel sheet.2. Press CTRL+A3. Click Remove Formats.
8. Tip 5. Delete last used cellDelete last used cell by pressingCTRL+END.
9. If your Excel sheet contain lots of Chart & Formatting then apply Tip 6…
10. Tip 6. Save the file in .html format1. First save your file in .html format.2. Re-save the file in .xls format with new name.
11. If your Excel sheet contain only text then apply Tip 7…..
12. Tip 7. Save the file in .xml format 1. First save your file in .xml format. 2. Rename the .xml file. 3. Resave it as .xls with a new name.
13. Tip 8. Save the file in right versionSave your Excel file in the version thatyou are using. Saving in lower versionincreases file size.
14. Tip 9. Reduce the size of graphicsRemove unnecessary graphics as they takelots of space.
15. Tip 10. Compress pictureSince picture take lots of space and increasethe file size so make sure you compress eachpicture of your file.