How the copy stock chart from web (such as from finance yahoo) into excel using Excel VBA

I've try use the code by Vishesh to perform the job but it seems that's only work for jpb / tif etc. But for the stock chart as as below link, it seems not working, any suggestion?;range=1d/imag...

Below is the original code from Vishesh:
Sub GetShapeFromWeb(strShpUrl As String, rngTarget As Range)
Dim shp As Shape

With rngTarget
With .Parent
.Pictures.Insert strShpUrl
Set shp = .Shapes(.Shapes.Count)
End With
shp.Left = .Left
shp.Top = .Top
End With

Set shp = Nothing
End Sub

Sub Test()
Call GetShapeFromWeb("", Sheet1.Range("F3"))
End Sub

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When I tried to open the link

When I tried to open the link in your post its showing permission error. It might not work in some cases where you have to pass through login credentials process to access an image.