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Hello all,

First of all, I apologise if I have registered myself on a forum purely for experts interested in advance use of Excel. I'm afraid I only use it for very basic things in comparison!

I have recently been experimenting with a basic financial spreadsheet to keep a running log of costs over six categories per month, with each category named at the top of the sheet. At the bottom there is a running total column for each category.

I would like to use a formula to calculate the category that has the highest spending and display the name of the category in a cell at the top of the spreadsheet (which is frozen for ease of use).

If this is possible, would you be able to point me in the right direction?

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Use INDEX function

Use INDEX function and refer to max of sums (running totals) and get index (value from the first row). If you need additional assistance please let me know and send me an example file.