Help with Customised Excel

I must confess early on, whilst used to Excel, I only use it for basic sums and sorting etc, so not in any depth.

I recently became self employed, and after using a few different software packages, decided for now to use Excel itself.
This obviously lends itself well, but at the same time I need to customise a spreadsheet for my accounts, and another for Invoicing.

I am after some help with these - if possible.?

Quite simple for now.... I have a few columns, Money In, Out, Due, etc. Now I want a column for mileage costs. Currently I work it out, and add the amount. Eg: 10 miles @ 45p a mile - so I add £4.50 to the cell.
What I would love to have, if possible, is for these cells to have the formula pre entered but hidden... and I simply put in that cell the mileage.
So whenever I add the miles for the job, it comes up with the end result of 'x' multiplied by 45p.

I would also like the columns to be coloured (which they are), and keep these colours.
Currently if I insert a row, it will copy the colours on the row above, or will go to default black.

This is a little more involved. I have used a spreadsheet from the web to start it off.
The one I am using has a page with customer info (address, phone etc) and when I input their name on the invoice, the address pops up. Great.... except I would love to know how to do this, as I may take it a little further.
I could perhaps use another page for products etc.

What I would also love, is to know how to make it into a template, but one that remembers the previous invoice number.
I am having to check each time, and then input it manually. And if I save the current one, it saves everything as is, and not a blank template.

Not sure if these are possible, but I would appreciate any help.


Hi Chris,What you are asking

Hi Chris,

What you are asking for here is potentially a lot of customised work that would probably involve conference calls and potential upgrades over time.

for the mileage problem if we assume your miles are in cell D2 and value in Cell E2 you can easily put in E2
=text(D2*.45,"£#,###.00) this will also display it in currency format.

I could build a macro for your invoicing but I am not comfortable doing this as it would be a messy and unprofessional job as far as the coding goes, albeit functional if I understood your needs correctly

Personally I think you would get a better result by going through the 'request a quote' option to see if one of the more professional users can assist you to a greater depth, Unless someone else replies on this forum.