Give a Christmas Look to your Charts

Wish you all Merry Christmas!

If you want to give Christmas look or use custom shapes instead of in-built markers on charts. Snapshot below-

Download Working File/Macro -

Steps to use -

Download the working File
=> Goto “Data” sheet . Change chart data as per your requirement , series name,etc.
=> Add custom shapes to excel sheet which you would like to show instead of markers
=> Re size the shapes as per your requirement
=> Update the table in Col L and M on data sheet
=> Go to "Chart" sheet and click on Custom Markers

Macro used to create Custom Markers -

Sub paste_custom_images_markers()
Dim srs As Series, j As Long, found As Range
For Each srs In Sheets(“Chart”).ChartObjects("Chart 1?).Chart.SeriesCollection
Set found = Sheets(“Data”).Range(“l:l”).Find(srs.Name, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not found Is Nothing Then
j = found.Row
Sheets("Data").Shapes(Sheets(“Data”).Range("m" & j)).Copy
Sheets("Chart").ChartObjects(“Chart 1?).Activate
End If
End Sub

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