Freeze shapes in excel

Is there any way to freeze a shape in certain place.

That means,when we make a shape(rectangle) in our excel sheet and then when we scroll up/down or left/right sheet moves accordingly but shape will not move.
It will retain the same place.

Please check for new sheet.

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shape freezing


Did u get any success in freezing the shape, so that it will not move when we scroll the sheet.

VBA and Windows API


Just as Nick said, you'll need a VBA to change shape properties, but the main problem is which event to use to do that. Therefore, you also need to use Windows API to handle the scrolling event. For some reason there is no such worksheet event or something that can be use instead. If someone knows a way to workaround this I'm always open to learn something new.


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the other option of course,

the other option of course, is to display the picture on a modal form...

Can you please tell us in

Can you please tell us in both way , to how to do the same either from VBA or display on a modal form.

Please give us an example of both.

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the best option is to put the

the best option is to put the button at the top, and freeze the cells
- I would not look any further if I were you...

2nd best is to create a form, and put your button on the form...
- in your VBA editor, right click on the project => insert => form
then from the toolbox, select the button, and add it to the form, then assign to a macro
=> then add a button to show the form using the VBA:

the worst imaginable solution is to move buttons with VBA... just don't go down that route

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not possible without VBA

not possible without VBA

Can you please tell us how to

Can you please tell us how to do it through VBA.

RE: Freeze shapes in excel

Thanks for the reply. But I

Thanks for the reply.
But I don't want use freeze cells, I want to some how change property of shapes so that when I scroll then all cells should move but shape should not move.

shape freezing

did u get any solution for that