force msgbox in WSH(.vbe) to be on foreground

hello all,can any tell me ,how to force a msgbox made in windowsscripthost file(notepad .vbe) to be foreground always.



Haha ,the moment i uploaded this question, googled it again and found the solution.

MsgBox "Hello", vbOKOnly + 4096, ""

Thank you all.


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self-solving questions.... we

self-solving questions.... we like those
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How to hide code in WSH(.vbe) file

Tnx Nick , but please can u tell me how i can hide or encrypt the code in WSH(.vbe) file

I know i can use **Start Encode** to encrypt but i dunno where and how to use it, can u please help me...

Can you explain it with this example...

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

wscript.sleep 10
wshshell.sendkeys "a"

wscript.sleep 10
MsgBox "",524288+16+4096, "CLICK ON TAB FIRST "
msgBox "",524288, "CLICK ON TAB FIRST "

Thanks Ruth

Please help me,

Yet i m struggling , how to encrypt or hide my code in WSH or .VBE file.