Filename will not display on an Excel Template

We have a template with a cell - =cell(filename).
If we save the template as XLT, the filename is blank.
save as XLTM - the filename is displayed correctly.

then the XLTM displays the filename on some PC's, but not all.

Anyone have any ideas ?
The templates do not have macros, so I would like to save them as .XLT

Thanks for any help

Excel's CELL function in Template file


There is no problem with the file type (.xlt, . xltm, ...).

Actually when double-click on a Template file, you do not open the file but its copy, which is a new file, and for that reason before you save it there is no real file path and name (it is created in some temporary directory) and the CELL function returns an empty string. After you save the new file, press F9 for recalculating or reopen the file and you will see the file name in the cell.

If you want to open the actual Template file right-click on the file and choose Open, because for the double-click command the default action is New. Then you will see the file path and name of the Template file.

I hope my explanation is clear enough, because English is not my best part :) .


Best regards.


thanks a million.

Great Explanation
and perfect english.

Thanks again