12-Feb-09 NEW: Facebook Texas Holdem Poker Training Calculator - Pre-Flop

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I try to make my systems and calculators topical, and this one certainly is.

Do you know anyone who plays Facebook Texas Holdem Poker ? I bet they play badly and lose their 1000 chips every day, and are left wondering why. So, fedup with losing all the time, I wrote this calculator for myself in an effort to get better at Facebook Texas Holdem Poker.

What is it ?

  • well, it's an Excel based calculator that advises you on how to bet pre-flop whilst playing Facebook Texas Holdem Poker with 9 players.

One of the things I am really surprised about after having written this calculator is how bad some of the hands I used to play were, and how I overlooked some good hands.

Did you know for example, that 6 is the worst card to be dealt if you have an Ace ?... and that Ace 6 is a worse than an average hand ? No, I didn't either. We all know that Ace Ace is the best hand by a long way, but how many know that with 9 players, Ace Ace has only a 32.4% chance of winning if all players play to the end ? Not many..

If you didn't know these basic things, you can benefit immediately by downloading my poker calculator.

It's free to use, and I appreciate any feedback. Here's a screen shot:



  • Download the Facebook Texas Holdem Poker Training Pre-Flop Calculator using this link
  • In cell C15, choose your desired style of play. - Play type can be Aggresive or Conservative. - If you choose to be aggressive, it means you will play more hands... If Conservative, you will play less. - NOTE: If playing Conservatively, people may spot your strategy, and become more wary of you and hence are more likely to fold when you have a good hand.
  • In cell C16, choose your volatility. In poker, the last thing you want to be is predictable, so adding a bit of randomness to your betting strategy is a good idea. This can be - Low, Medium or High. The higher the volatility, the less predictable your betting will be and the more likely you are to catch a big fish.
  • Launch Facebook Texas Holdem Poker, and find a FULL table. Very important as the odds are only relevant if all 9 players are playing. For 8 players the odds will be close, but it's a completely different game with 5 for example.
  • In cell C7, type your hand (when dealt) and press ENTER. - for Ace Ace, type: aa or AA - for Ten 5, different suits, type: T5, t5, 5t or 5T - for 5 6, same suit, type: 56s or 65s (where s means SAME)

The calculator will now calculate the following:

  • Your Hand in words
    • this is the text version of your hand
  • Same Suit
    • TRUE or FALSE depending whether you have "s" at the end of your hand

IF ALL PLAYERS PLAY UNTIL THE END.... i.e. if no-one folds, then:

  • Probability you Win
    • this is the percentage of games you will win with your hand
  • Probability you Draw
    • this is the percentage of games you will draw with your hand
  • Probability you Win / Draw
    • This is the probability of winning or drawing. With 9 players, an average hand would have a 13.4% (roughly) chance of not losing, so if you have more than 13.4%, then you have a better than average hand. As players fold pre-flop, your chance of winning increases, but that is not calculated here.
  • How do you compare vs Average ?
    • If this number is negative, it means your hand is worse than average.
  • Hand Position
    • There are 169 starting hands in Texas Holdem.. This tells you where your hand lies in relation to the "not beaten" probability
  • Rating
    • This is my rating for your hand in plain English The options are:
      • Rubbish
      • OK
      • Good
      • Excellent
      • Amazing
      • Top
      • The Best
  • Adjusted Hand Rating
    • we add some variance to your hand, and calculate the new Hand Rating
  • Adjusted Probability you Win / Draw
    • as above but for Probability
  • Advice
    • Well, this is the most important thing... The Advice on what to do. The options are:
      • Fold
      • Play - This means call a raise pre-flop, but don't bet your whole stack
      • Raise - but don't go all in
      • Big Raise - you may go all in if you have a small amount of chips in relation to the table.

Try taking the advice and see how you get on vs normal !

Good luck.

Facebook Texas Holdem Poker Training Video: 


Worried about SECURITY ?.. Open Excel in SAFE MODE.

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Hello there, this is very

Hello there, this is very handy i really like it, but unfortunately it's not a big help since its "pre flop". Can't you add more features to it ? Like how about making it calculate the probability after adding the flop ? Like it gives me my chances before the flop, then when the flop is dealt i add it in a certain cell or so, and it re-calculates my probability ? And then the turn ? River ? And how about a '# of players' feature ? There aren't always 9/9 players all the time .. Those features will make this GREAT instead of just nice, i really hope you work on it more, im really looking forward to a newer version ..

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poker training

Yep, this can all be done. I am also thinking where to take this...

This looks very handy, will

This looks very handy, will be giving it a go, thanks Nick!

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Pro 10 Million

I made it from 1 Million to pro 10 Million in a day using the pre-flop calculator...

Now onto bigger and better things like writing a complete system.

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Pro 20 Million

I got up to 22 Million but suffered a few punishing losses yesterday on hands where I played the right probability choices, but was unlucky with the draw... that puts me back down to 8 million.

This is the difference between probability and statistics.

Going all in on Ace Ace will in the long run pay off, but in the short run, u might lose 5 in a row !

; - <

The short run

Playing the odds will pay off in the long run but a lot of people underestimate how long that is!

The article is very

The article is very interesting, but some issues still remained less affected. I hope that a future article and will reveal things behind the scenes, things that show us the true face of this.

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Pro 50 Million

This took a lot longer than expected, but I made it to Pro 50 Million despite being all the way down to 5m yesterday.

The advice is:

  • Be patient
  • Don't go all in pre flop unless you have an excellent hand
  • Try check instead of raise to find out whether the others have good hands
  • Don't continue to play a good hand when the flop clearly isn't in it's favour and others are raising
  • Remember that the fewer the players, the better your hand is if you have a pair
  • For large raise hands, the players will have lots of aces, kings, queens and jacks.
  • If new to a table, play with minimum chips and get a feel for the table
    • this limits your maximum loss
  • Note that players with more chips take less risk
  • Players bluff more when there are lots of chips in the middle
  • Bluff less
  • Fold more
  • And most importantly, don't cry when you lose on Ace, Ace... ; - >


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170 M

170.5 M

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450M Aiming for 1bn now...