ExcelExperts.com is HIRING !

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Yep, that's right, ExcelExperts.com is looking for Excel Experts to get paid for Excel consultancy.

...but this is no ordinary interview.

To apply for this job, you need to prove the following:

  1. You must be an Excel Expert, or be smart enough to learn quickly.
  2. You need excellent communication skills. (Written more important than verbal)
  3. You have to prove that you have the tenacity to see problems through to completion.

How do you prove this ?

  • Get active on the Question and Answer forum
  • Answer / ask as many questions as possible
  • Create an interesting Excel-related blog
  • Bring people you know to the forum, and get them to ask questions there.

Why would you want to do this ?

  • You can work from wherever you want in the world
  • You can pick your hours
  • No commuting on smelly trains !

Based on performance on the forum / blogs, I will then contact you for specific targetted work.

I have the business... do you have what it takes to do the work ?


Joining as an expert

Dear Nick,

I would like to get more information on how to join as an excel expert.



Hi Nick,

Hi Nick,

I am moderately proficient with excel
I would like to work on a few projects
I am a financial analyst and have made complex financial models in excel


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hi Paulpls join by

hi Paul
pls join by registering here:

Then try the Quiz
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