Download Text Files From Web via Excel VBA and Save to Hard Drive

I would like to download ~150,000 text files from the internet and save these files to ~4500 different directories. If the 4500 directories complicates things, the files can all go to 1 directory.

I have the internet filepaths and the names I would like to give the directories to save these files in within an Excel file.

Is there a way to use Excel VBA to download and save these files?

Ideally Excel won't need to open the files, as I want to ensure formatting isn't changed.

Path to first 3 files is below.

Ideally these 3 files would be saved in a directory that is created within VBA and labelled 1511144 (I have this number in separate cell, so it would not need to be pulled from the URL).

Thanks for the help.