Display worksheet name into another worksheet based on a condition

I have an excel sheet with worksheets say A, B, C,D representing each of the sales unit. each of these sheets has rows of different sales risk say 1, 2,3,4 with a score associated with each risks

Another worksheet E has a column 'max risk' which fetches the max score of each risk from each of the worksheet A,B,C and D

Now i want to add another column in worksheet E, say 'Dept' which displays the worksheet name from which the max score has come from. Am unable to do this.

Example (worksheet E):

Risk No. Risk Desp Max Risk Score Dept 
1 Text 16 A
2 Text 10 B,C (In case same score available in both the sheets)
3 Text 8 C

How can i do this?Urgently need help. Thank you.

please follow this

please follow this link:

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