Determining the make up of a net value

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I am new to VBA and am very unsure how to accomplish the following procedure. I have a table of values (positive and negative). I would like to create a macro to take a user input value (which is a net of various values from the values table), scan the values table, and return any and all combinations of values that could possible make up the user input net value. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks!

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If it is not necessary to use VBA, try Data Table

If it is not necessary to use VBA, try Data Table from What-If Analysis Group.

I am not terribly familiar

I am not terribly familiar with the What-If data table feature in Excel but I watched a video, and (keeping in mind my knowledge is limited) I forsee the issue as being that my user input value could be the net of any number of values from the table - not strictly just the net of 2. So I would need Excel to grab each value and add it against every possible combination of the values in the table. Then once it finds the combination that matches the net, it should highlight those values. Is there something about the data table feature that I do not know that is capable of this? Thanks!

Combinations Finder

There is a shareware Excel Add-in that finds combination of numbers that add up to a target sum:

Need a bit more detail on the

Need a bit more detail on the "Combination of values" like how many input values and which mathematical operators

There is a single user input

There is a single user input value which is a net of values (meaning some combination of the sums of individual values) from the values table. The number of individual values from the values table varies based on a customer number.

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I would like an example containing final output.

If you can provide something like this?