Date count error

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I'm trying to get a formula working which is able to count days between two dates or provide days since initial consult. This is my current formula (not working). Its been a while since I have to create excel formula.


The =DAYS(K7,E7) will count the days between two dates and wokrs well.

The +DATEDIF(E7,TODAY(),"d"),"" works well in counting how many days between a set date and today.

Trying to combine these into a single cell that will return a count of days with when the k7(end date) has no value. How do get around the issue of not having an end date which seems to be causing the error.

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IF condition


J13 = startdate
I13 = Enddate

Try this function ...


Your function is almost correct just need to do some correction...

assuming K7 cell has no value