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We have a business where we scan business cards for our clients. We give our clients an excel spreadsheet as the finished product. We want to create a way for our clients to be able to find a contact easily. We have looked at the forms option, but the client would have to set a few things up (like putting the forms button on the tool bar, etc.). Our Clients just want to use the info we have provided them. We just want to make it easy for them to find the data. I would assume that some of the Excel experts out there may have already written an application to do this simple task. What is the easiest way to do this without macros or code. Are there other functions with basic commands in excel to do this. Can a menu be created and inserted at the top of the sheet that could search the columns & rows in the sheet to find a contact. So when I send the clients the spreadsheet, all they need to do is open it up and enter a name.
Thanks for your time.

If you apply a filter (on the

If you apply a filter (on the "Data" tab) you can click the little drop-down arrow and filter for text that contains a particular string. I think this (other than just the normal Ctrl-F find option) is probably your best option without writing any code.


Creating Searchable menus in Excel 2013

Thanks, I will try that. But in the meantime, Is there anyone in this forum that could write this code? I would have to take the time to learn how to do it, but i don't have the time right now.

PS: I noticed my post here said to "please click the post button to confirm your post" I do not see a POST button , just a save button. I am hoping this does get posted!

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As you see...

As you see, hitting the "Save" button does "post" your post ;-)

In the top left Corner of the Website there is a "Request a Quote" link which will, I assume, get the owners of the list to contact you with a Quote. You will have to be a bit more specific with your requirements as at first glance it Looks like you just Need a simple ribbon enhancement in order to provide a simple "filter" and/or "search" facility. Probably it would be best to provide a sample file with sample, not real, data in order to get a better feel for the requirements. I don't want to say "easy" when it might turn out to be a day or more work once the scope is known.

If the owners of the Forum are busy and don't have the capacity, then I'm sure someone like myself can help.