Combo box with special characters?

Hello Guys, I'm new here.
I don't know much about VB in Excel. I need assistance to make a drop down list that contains special character.

The special characters that I need are: check mark, "x" mark and N/A or a symbol like dash (-)
I was trying to use some guide but i don't make it work.

The link is:
I attach the file , if anyone can see what I'm doing wrong, or maybe everything is wrong .


example.xlsx12.65 KB
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1. Go to Design mode (From

1. Go to Design mode (From the develop tab in the menu choose click 'Design Mode'
2. Right click the combobox control and choose properties.
3. Against the ListFillRange property in the list enter 'ValidationLists!A1:A3'
4. Click the design mode again to come back to normal mode.
5. You now have them all in the combobox.

Thank You

Thank You Vishesh.
You help me a lot. I'm very happy. Thanks again.