bankroll management spreadsheet

Hey guys, I've recently been playing a lot of online poker (exclusively tournaments at the moment)and wish to track my results. I have all the raw data and have started building my spreadsheet. However it is quite crude at the moment and I will require some help throughout the process. Attached is what I have so far.

For my next step I wish to include an 'input section' at the top of my page. This section would have drop down boxes for Date,Game, Type, Buy In, Rake and Entries (I think I will enter place and prize without the aid of drop down boxes at this stage). Once the data is confirmed in this input section it would automatically transfer to it's appropriate row leaving the 'input section' clear and ready for the next entry.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Aaron.

BANKROLL 2.1.12.xlsx21.46 KB