Arranging data in excel

I have a form where I receive a data with not in exact format..For example here is the data received by three forms and combined in excel.

ColumName Values ColumnName Values ColumnName Values
Name A Name A Name B
Date 1/1/2014 Date 1/1/2014 Date 1/2/2014
Value_1 3 Value 2 2 Value 1 6
Value_2 4 Value 3 8 Place1 Jp
Value_3 5 Place 2 US Place 2 US
Place_1 Den
Place_2 US

As you see in first column I have a value for all field, but in next column name there is missing field "Value 1" and Place 1".
I am not able to combine these with simple steps. I takes lots of my time when I have 1000s of data comming these way. Can anyone please suggest to arrange data in thes table ?

Thanks in advance,