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We have one report in which every day we have to search character A's value from sheet "ABC 11-FEB" and place it into Summary sheet of 11-feb in 11-feb, Value of A in sheet ABC is 1 So there will be 1 at cell C11 and so on for other sheets.For other days we need to add sheets "ABC 12-FEB" and find value of A in ABC 12-FEB sheet place it into summary sheet at cell D11. 

My question is can we create any macro that can make this process easy and less time consuming. I have tried recording one macro which first finds A's value from desired sheet copy A's value and paste it to summary sheet, but with this my problem is that we are getting new data in different formate for different dates(You can look at ABC '11-FEB sheet in this data starts with 8th row where as in ABC '12-FEB, data starts with 11th row) so my macro copies only that cell which was taken at the time of recording, it does not find value of A but it just takes whatever is available in a particular cell. I wants to make this process easy so that with every new dates file I can add new data in summary sheet within a minute. 

I hope you understand my question, please think about any formula or macro so that it can be helpful for every new data as this is a very large report and it takes long time to prepare Summary sheet.

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Report Automation - Solved

Check this link for the solution...