16-Dec-08 NEW: Stag do / Hen do / Event planner

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Hi all

Announcing the first prototype system on ExcelExperts.com

It's an event planner essentially, but as I am planning a stag-do (Bachelor party in US), it is tailored for that.

If you have ever been tasked with planning an event at home or abroad for many people, and have to work out the bill at the end of the day, then this sheet is for you !

Click on the Excel sheet to download for free..

Invest 15 minutes of your time, and save hours of frustration and arguments.

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Training Video on Stag do, Hen Do, Event Planning


Stag-do-hen-do-event-Planner-zero-values.xls419.5 KB
Stag-do-hen-do-event-Planner-example-values.xls404 KB



I like your spreadsheet but I am not sure if we can track payments as well. reducing balance?

Thanks again.


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Stag do planner

y.. just enter the number on the costs page, put that person as the payer, and attribute to who was paid.