Sorting ListBox Items alphabetically

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 This is the simple code to sort ListBox items alphabetically. Alternatively, you can download the file and test run it for yourself. Just pass the listbox object as function parameter.


Option Explicit
Sub SortListBox(lst As MSForms.ListBox)
    Dim arrItems            As Variant
    Dim arrTemp             As Variant
    Dim intOuter            As Long
    Dim intInner            As Long
    arrItems = lst.List
    For intOuter = LBound(arrItems, 1) To UBound(arrItems, 1)
        For intInner = intOuter + 1 To UBound(arrItems, 1)
            If arrItems(intOuter, 0) > arrItems(intInner, 0) Then
                arrTemp = arrItems(intOuter, 0)
                arrItems(intOuter, 0) = arrItems(intInner, 0)
                arrItems(intInner, 0) = arrTemp
            End If
        Next intInner
    Next intOuter
    'Clear the listbox

    'Add the sorted array back to the listbox

    For intOuter = LBound(arrItems, 1) To UBound(arrItems, 1)
        lst.AddItem arrItems(intOuter, 0)
    Next intOuter
End Sub
Sub ExecuteFunction()
    Call SortListBox(Sheet1.ListBox1)
End Sub


Sort ListBox Items

SortListBox.xls35.5 KB