28-Dec-08 NEW SYSTEM: Share Trading System

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Following demand from the poll, I have written a cheap and cheerful equity trade entry system.

A technology department at an investment bank would prob charge u a couple of hundred thousand for this, but I've written it for you for free whilst watching a particularly tricky French movie.

It's easily extendable, so let me know what you'd like to see !

  • I have a couple of ideas around portfolio analysis, and Profit and Loss calculations.


IMPORTANT: This workbook contains VBA macros. If you're worried about SECURITY, open Excel in SAFE MODE first to view the code. If you're happy, then open Excel normally.



Training Video - Share Trading System

Share-Trading-System-Zero-Values.xls116.5 KB
Share-Trading-System-Example-Values.xls117.5 KB

Thx...i LOVE U DUDE!!!!

THX for these videos!!! u guys are the best!!
Best Regards from Lahore, Pakistan. :D

Share Trading System

Thanks for great job and still waiting for next modification i.e 1. Summary Sheet of Stock holding in a specific date. 2. Summary Sheet for Profit/Loss of shares sold. Really we have to appreciate it. Regards

share trading P&L

hi, thanks for this sheet and website, i'm keen to start using this site a lot!
as for this share trading system: would it be possible to add a running balance, average purchase cost and RoI?
RoI im not sure how to calculate myself.
thanks v.much from melbourne, australia

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Share Trading


Yep, this is all possible...

I'll add to the list.



thank you thank you this is

thank you thank you this is nice sweet.

Summary of portfolio

Thanks. ITs excellent.

Please add the summary sheet where we can see present stock holding as a summary and profit/loss after the trades.