Need VBA Coding for creating rows

Dear Sir,
I need VBA coding for inserting rows for my attached excel sheet and the following are the conditions.

1. If (N3) is less than (H3), then user shall get the command i.e. "Do you want to insert rows for Balance Qty.___(bal. qty. shall comeup automatically in the command place___) and so on.

2. When the command appears with Balance Qty. and when the user click 'Yes' button, the new Row will create just below the earlier row from which the balance qty. taken. and in the new created row, the balance cells text shall automatically inserted.

3. The above same formula shall be applicable if (R3 is less than (N3)

Awaiting your favorable reply.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashish Karanjekar
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hi Ashish this is a bit more than a quick forum question.. we can provide a quote if you like, or maybe one of our volunteers will help