How can I drag/autofill formula from source document in destination document

Hopefully this is an easy one. I have linked two documents. The source document is updated daily. The destination document is linked to the source document to pull certain values assigned to a certain cell.
Example: Cell C2 in the destination document is linked to Cell F5 in the source document. The data in the source document is entered horizontally, so I would like to be able to just drag the formula in C2 to D2 (in the destination document) and have the the data from Cell G6 (in source document) populate in Cell D2 (in destination document). Does this make sense?
I would like to be able to do this vertically as well. So, if I drag the formula in C2 to C3 (in destination document), it would pull the data from F6 (in source document).
If you understand this, can you please send me the steps to complete this function?

Thanks so much!

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linked documents

I don't recommend linking documents, as these links break when you move things around and create all sorts of nasty problems..

... however, to do what you want to do, when you link the formula, you'll notice that it contains: "$"... simply remove these.


... then you can drag that formula, and it will change to pick up the appropriate cell.