Form Control vs ActiveX Control

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In Excel 2003

to view Form Controls toolbar: Menu: View->Toolbar->Forms

to view ActiveX toolbar: Menu: View->Toolbar->Control Toolbox


Draw a listbox from each of the toolbars


Form Control:

 1. The code is always written in a general module.

 2. Right Click the control and using assign macro option choose the right procedure that you want to call on the click/change in that control

To see code for form control goto FormControl module


ActiveX Control

To see code for form control goto sheet module.

While in the design mode (first button in toolbox) double-click the control to open its code window.



 1. ActiveX controls are visually more appealing and have more formatting options available than form controls.

 2. ActiveX controls trigger events while Form controls call macros assigned to them.

 3. One strong reason due to which I would suggest using form controls is that sometimes events for ActiveX controls are triggered on its own when some other event is triggered.

 4. At times, on opening the workbook ActiveX controls are not recognised and give errors.

Form Control vs. ActiveX Control

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