84. Excel Tips - Select All Text In A Cell

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Here's how to select and copy all the text in a cell:

  1. Select the cell
  2. Press F2
  3. Press SHIFT + HOME
  4. From here, you can copy the contents of the cell
  5. If you want to copy the result of a formula, press F9 first
  6. Don't forget to press ESCAPE when you're finished

The reason this is useful is that sometimes when you copy a cell, doing other operations will remove the cut-copy mode and you'll lose the copy. Copying this way will retain the copy on the clipboard.


Download sheet to practise how to Select All Text In A Cell in Excel

Training Video on how to Select All Text In A Cell in Excel:

select-all-text-in-a-cell.xls27 KB


Any idea how I would go about this function on a mac? You are the only one on the web to address a shortcut to select all within cell. Good job!